Word – A Commentary

Word – a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.

Today ends our corporate time of prayer and fasting. Whether you have participated in the fast or not, I hope you have found time to spend in prayer these past few weeks. I honestly have not found the time I wanted or needed to have quiet time with the Lord. However, the beauty of walking with the Lord is that we can continue and renew our effort to spend time with God every day. I pray that you will continue to find your own quiet time with God each day for the remainder of 2017. Trust me, you need it and I promise if you will do it, it will change your life!

I wanted to post this brief commentary about the words. My primary motivation for writing this commentary is that I have had a recent lack of words, or at least what I perceived as relevant words. We are all inundated every day with words, either spoken or written, and much of these words do nothing to grow us, to make us better people, or to share anything meaningful with one another. They are just a lot of words, a sea of irrelevant noise that our minds are forced each day to deal with and filter out.

I don’t want to add to the noise. So, instead, I’m going to share my commentary and insights when I believe they are compelling and have something meaningful to speak into each of us. I’m going to continue to use the Word as my source, and I will continue to use scripture as the basis for everything I share with you. Some of you have given me some great words and encouragement to continue and I am thankful! Although my focus over this period of prayer and fasting has been on exploring what the Bible says about specific words, I feel lead to continuing this approach over the coming weeks and then see where the Spirit leads us next. Blessings to you!

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